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Name: Naemh (pron. "Neev") Dennell

Age: 20

Origin: Human

Skin: Average Caucasian, smooth.

Hair: Pale brown, cut (a little unevenly) to just above the shoulders where it was recently burnt.

Eyes: Indigo, lashy.

Ears: Average. No piercing.  

Mouth: Full, dark.

Nose: Unremarkable.

Face: Prominent cheek-bones, soft features.

Arms: No tattoos or noticeable scars

Legs: A burn mark up her right thigh, otherwise unremarkable.

Torso:  Slim, trained physique.

Clothes: (Change, I'll post a picture)

Attitude: Naemh can be more than a more than little arrogant at times, used to living on the Raptures she tends to think she’s better and holy. Stubborn, but not un-lady-like when it is required. Not often plainly impolite. She sometimes gives off the same aura as one of those holy knights, like she’s going to pass judgement on you all… yada yada  

Build: Tall, not big built but not frail either.

Quote that fits well: "Do not speak ill of Society… Only people who can’t get into it do that.”

Occupation: ex-ARK agent

Potential Battle Cry: “Murder is such a vulgar word…”

Likes: Getting the job done.

Dislikes: Devils, gloaters, time wasters.

BG: Naemh was one of those sent down from the Raptures as a Sterilizer by the church, taught that Devils were evil and the lower class were barbaric by religious parents and teachers, she was told that she was to "purge" SubEarth. Naemh was sent to be trained young.

She recently left the ARK organisation for protective custody following her arrest and subsequent agreement to reveal any details about ARK and its members in exchange for a greatly reduced sentence as well as having realised the extent of their activities.

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